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  • Markos Taxi - Latchi
  • Markos Taxi - Latchi

About Us

• We are one of the oldest established taxi companies in Paphos. We have been operating our successful business, without any serious problems for many years.

• Our clients are treated well, by our polite and experienced staff, who are fully trained to carry clients in our 4 and 6 seater Mercedes taxis, as well as running mini bus vehicles, to satisfy large groups [10 - 57 people].

• Our main aim is to transport our clients all around Cyprus. We use our taxis to carry our clients, to and from, both Paphos and Larnaca Airports, on time. If there is a delay with your plane, you don’t pay extra this is included in our services.

• Using our taxis you will have a safe and comfortable trip in our airconditioned taxis, all with Wi-Fi Access. Our fares are very competitive and are lower than most taxis. Our goal is to ensure you have a memorable trip, using our high standard taxis.

• We take you wherever you desire to go, on excursions all over Cyprus to make your holiday a memorable one. Any complaints are dealt with immediately.

• Markos taxis offer a 24 hours service, whatever time you need a taxi. Just call and we will be there as soon as possible. Prices are relatively low. Our taxi drivers are very polite and do their utmost to please their clients.

• Using Markos taxis, you are insured a trouble-free holiday, regarding transport.

• We ensure you a magnificent stay on our awesome island. Looking forward to welcoming you to our island. You won’t regret choosing Markos taxis. Your with is our command !


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